*Baggy slim Jeans



*If the laundry is not cleared at the front of the logo on the back pockets

Highlight detail has been put ttya logo.

Body, not just the right style to wear down a little bit loose in the waist is a style.

*you can choice a fabric in A,B,C fabrics

so please check it on your order form.

앞부분의 전사로 세탁해도지워지지않으며 뒷주머니에

TTYA로고를넣어 디테일을 강조하였습니다.

몸에딱맞는 스타일이아니라 허리에서 조금내려입는 루즈한스타일


*Basic is a major item of ttya.

*From the date the payment is confirmed to enter production ..
Production time will take 2 weeks in 1 week.

*Sometimes, it's color can be diffrent from your monitor's.